Friday, October 4, 2013

♪♫♩♬♫Happy occassion is on the way ♪♫♩♬♫

Hi everyone i back
sorry unable to updated frequently
i was busy work work work
time really not enough for me
i have some happy things to share out♥

July 2013
 my handsome father &  my cute nephew ,Herald 

wanna to annouce 
我 upgrade to be 姑姑了...

i am working very hard earn money for everything 
还bills,还debts &  还 many things..

August 2013

 Time really flies very fast
my baobei celebrating her 6th birthday @ her cc...
For this few month i had been working working working
to earn more money
sad to say i only manage to spend time with my 2 precious when they are sick
or sch closure...

End of September
Our new home sweet home coming soon

Waiting for our key to come
we miss the chances to be neighbours with jp
we choose nears our children school
 Hopefully will be smooth what we plan..

Today i am able to stay at home is because 
baobei sarah is not able to go to school for 5 days 

Tomorrow i going back to work
Now is areadi October
so fast two more month is going 2014

i going work hard n earn more money
hopefully when baobei sarah going Primary one
our new home sweet home come
our income will be more stable
i can spend more time with 2 precious n family...

This is my wish 

my 2 precious is saying "cheeze" to everyone 

╰── .\//"♥"\\./☆──╯
have a nice day ahead everyone✿✿


Saturday, June 1, 2013

♥The Joy Truck (快乐速递) ♥

i knew the joy truck by watching the advertisement @ channel 8
one of the mother (precious's classsmate mother ) mention the joy truck
and telling me some of the parts that made me want to watch 
but due to looking after 2 precious

I have really have no free time..
work work work
looking after 2 precious
thinking alot of ways to make more more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

today i had slightly free time at this time
i decide to sit down n search for awhile
whether i can watch it online...
finally found the joy truck 
at xin.msn..
the reaction of zoe tay n huang biren
reflect same on me..
we are all the same
we are mother
we feel the same..
the every sentence say out by the parent of the 3 children
it really 
made me have to go for some quiet reflection..
It a nice reality show to share around
I shall know how fortunate i am
sometime we think of one things 
forget about others..
Sometime i really feel very tired 
think in heart
i am really nid to be more satisfied in life...
Lately many things come in just one shot
i hardly had time for alot of things
i only have my own time
that is sleeping time..
Hopefully everything can become back the same
when time goes by ..
感恩  ♥‿★

Monday, May 27, 2013


let the photo do the talking
(the photo taken on mothers' day)
i really very tired lately
i got too much to think
i got no time for so many things
those who understand me
i 感恩
those who cannot understand me
i also very 感恩..

_()_just hoping
after the rain i can see rainbow... =D



♥ 将心比心♥



Tuesday, May 14, 2013

45 Uses for Vinegar ♥‿★

45 Uses for Vinegar
 Unleash the power of white vinegar―an all-purpose cleaner, brightener, herbicide and more. Just a bit of this multitasker, straight up or mixed with water, can replace many pricier products huddled under your sink. Try these tips to see how vinegar can make your life cheaper and easier.

1. Freshen up the fridge. Clean the shelves and walls with a solution of half water and half vinegar.

2. Brighten coffee cups and teacups. Gently scrub stains with equal parts vinegar and salt (or baking soda).

3. Eliminate odors. Swab plastic containers with a cloth dampened with vinegar.

4. Kill bathroom germs. Spray full-strength vinegar around the sink and tub. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

5. Save a garment. To remove light scorch marks on fabrics, rub gently with vinegar. Wipe with a clean cloth. This technique also works on antiperspirant stains.

6. Tidy up a toilet. Pour a cup or more of diluted white distilled vinegar into the bowl. Let sit several hours or overnight. Scrub well with a toilet brush and flush.

7. Lose the carpet stain. Make a paste of 2 tablespoons white distilled vinegar and ¼ cup salt or baking soda. Rub into the stain and let dry. Vacuum the residue the next day. (Always test an out-of-sight part of the carpet first.)

8. Renew paint brushes. To remove old paint, place brushes in a pot with vinegar. Soak for an hour, then turn on the stove and bring the vinegar to a simmer. Drain and rinse clean.

9. Wipe off a dirty faucet. To get rid of lime buildup, make a paste of 1 teaspoon vinegar and 2 tablespoons salt. Apply to sink fixtures and rub with a cloth.

10. Stop static cling. Add ½ cup of white distilled vinegar to your wash cycle. The acid reduces static and keeps dryer lint from sticking to your clothes.

11. Make old socks look new. Get the stains out of old socks and sweaty gym clothes by soaking them in a vinegar solution. Add 1 cup of white distilled vinegar to a large pot of water, bring to a boil and drop in the stained clothes. Let them soak overnight, and in the morning stained clothes are fresh and bright.

12. Restore handbags and shoes. Wipe white distilled vinegar on scuffed leather bags and shoes. It will restore their shine and help hide the marks.

13. Banish weeds. Pour white distilled vinegar on the weeds growing in the cracks of your walkway and driveway. Saturate the plant so the vinegar reaches the roots.

14. Liven droopy flowers. Don’t throw out cut flowers once they start to wilt. Instead, add two tablespoons of white vinegar and one teaspoon of sugar to a quart of water. Pour the solution into your vase, and the flowers will perk up.

15. Put an end to itching. Dab a cotton ball soaked in white vinegar on mosquito bites and insect stings. It will stop them from itching and help disinfect the area so they heal faster.

16. Whiten your teeth. Brush your teeth once a week with white distilled vinegar. Dip your toothbrush into the vinegar and brush thoroughly. It will help prevent bad breath, too.

17. Make nail polish last longer. Before you apply your favorite polish, wipe your nails with a cotton ball soaked in white distilled vinegar. The clean surface will help your manicure last.

18. Keep car windows frost-free. Prevent windows from frosting over in a storm by coating them with a solution of three parts white distilled vinegar to one part water. The acidity hinders ice, so you won’t have to wake up early to scrape off your car.

19. Let your dog shine. Spray your dog with one cup white distilled vinegar mixed with one quart water. The solution is a cheap alternative to expensive pet-care products, plus the vinegar will help repel pests like fleas and ticks.

20. Battle litter-box odor. Cat litter can leave behind an unwelcome smell. Eliminate it by pouring a half-inch of white distilled vinegar into the empty litter box. Let stand for 20 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

21. Kill bacteria in meat. Marinating in vinegar knocks out bacteria and tenderizes the meat. Create a marinade by adding ¼ cup balsamic vinegar for every 2 pounds of meat to your own blend of herbs and spices. Let the meat sit anywhere from 20 minutes to 24 hours, depending on how strong you want the flavor, then cook it in the morning without rinsing.

22. Prevent cracked eggs. Prevent eggs from cracking as they hard-boil by adding two tablespoons of white vinegar to the water. The eggs will stay intact, and the shells will peel off more easily when you’re ready to eat them.

23. Steam away a microwave mess. Fill a small bowl with equal parts hot water and vinegar, and place it in the microwave on high for 5 minutes. As the steam fills the microwave, it loosens the mess, making clean up a breeze.

24. Repair DVDs. If you have a worn DVD that skips or freezes, wipe it down with white distilled vinegar applied to a soft cloth. Make sure the DVD is completely dry before reinserting it into the player.

25. Get those last drops. If you can’t get that final bit of mayonnaise or salad dressing out of the jar, dribble in a few drops of vinegar. Put the cap on tightly and shake. The remaining condiments will slide out.

26. Rinse fruits and vegetables. Add 2 tablespoons white distilled vinegar to one pint water. Use the mixture to wash fresh fruits and vegetables, then rinse thoroughly. The solution kills more pesticide residue than does pure water.

27. Brighter Easter eggs. Before your kids dye Easter eggs, mix 1 teaspoon of vinegar with ½ cup of hot water, then add food coloring. The vinegar keeps the dye bright and prevents the color from streaking.

28. Loosen a rusted screw. Pour vinegar onto the screw, and it will easily unstick.

29. Remove gum. To remove gum from fabric or hair, heat a small bowl of vinegar in the microwave. Pour the warm vinegar over the gum, saturating the area. The gum will dissolve.

30. Keep cheese from molding. Wrap cheese in a vinegar-soaked cloth, then place in an airtight container and refrigerate.

31. Renew a loofah. Soak your loofah in equal parts vinegar and water for 24 hours to dissolve soap residue, then rinse in cold water.

32. Remove wax. If you get melted candle wax on your wood furniture or floors, gently wipe it away with a cloth soaked in a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water.

33. Take a relaxing bath. Add ½ cup of vinegar to warm bath water for a cheap spa session at home. The vinegar removes dead skin, leaving you feeling soft and smooth.

34. Brighten your hair. Remove hair product buildup by rinsing a tablespoon of vinegar through your hair once a month.

35. Freshen fabrics. Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spritz your home to neutralize odors in fabrics, carpets, shoes or any sprayable surface.

36. Erase crayon. If your kids get crayon marks on the walls or floor, dip a toothbrush in white vinegar and gently scrub. The vinegar breaks down the wax, making for an inexpensive, nontoxic way to clean up after children.

37. Sticky stickers. Don’t scratch at the residue left by stickers or price tags. Instead, apply vinegar to the gunk, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe the glue away.

38. Clean the dishwasher and coffee pot. Reduce soap buildup and food residue by pouring a cup of vinegar into your empty dishwasher or coffee pot once a month and letting it run a full cycle.

39. Sanitize pet accidents. You can remove the stain―and smell―of your pet’s accident by mixing ¼ cup vinegar with a quart of water and blotting the mixture onto the mess with a washcloth. Continue dabbing until the spot is gone.

40. Prep for summer grilling. To remove charcoal buildup from your grill, spray white distilled vinegar on balled up aluminum foil and scrub the grate thoroughly.

41. Restore showerhead pressure. If your showerhead gets clogged with mineral deposits, soak it for 15 minutes in a mixture of ½ cup vinegar and 1 quart water.

42. Clean your scissors. When your scissor blades get sticky, wipe them down with a cloth dipped in full-strength white vinegar. Unlike soap and water, vinegar won’t ruin the blades or rust the metal.

43. Unclog drains. For a natural, nontoxic way to clean clogged pipes, pour one cup of baking soda, followed by one cup of white vinegar, down the drain. Let the products bubble and foam, then flush the pipes with a pot of boiling water.

44. Eliminate dandruff. If your scalp is feeling dry or flaky, vinegar can be a simple at-home remedy. Once a week, pour one cup of apple cider vinegar over your scalp, and let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.

45. Soften your feet. Summer sandals leaving you with cracked heals and calluses? Soak your feet for 20 minutes a day in one part vinegar to two parts warm water. The vinegar removes dead skin, leaving your feet soft and smooth

♥♥ 谢谢大家 ♥♥感恩

 thank you - 감사합니다 (gamsahabnida)
thank you - 감사합니다 (gamsahabnida)

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i really nid to thank who 
support me for years..

♥♥ 谢谢大家 ♥♥

Lately was busying with my work

i promise i will updated more when i free...

thank those who encourage me to continue

i really tks everyone who really make me continue to write

 thank you - 감사합니다 (gamsahabnida)
I really feel very 感恩...=D

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Specially for the wonderful mother & mother going to be

*♥‿★*an advanced Happy mother's day to every mother or mother going to be,all of u are the most noble n the wonderful ones...i have too many on my friend lists..also my wonderful mother & god mother & those who treat me like their own daughter too.Luv u all n tks to all who love n care for me whenever i need ..have a nice one ..*♥‿★*感恩

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Monday, April 15, 2013

!(◎_◎;) !(◎_◎;) !(◎_◎;)

Miss my phone so so so much (~_~;)

the weather so extreme hot please drink more water
had been staying at home looking after precious cos he still unwell
he had slim down alot
his appetite is back 
was glad n happy about it 

will come back to update real soon

Public Holiday of 2014

next year baobei is going primary 1 
times real flies
still the same word
i need to earn more more more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
i had alot of things to cover
hopefully everything can go smoothly

Friday, April 5, 2013

감사합니다 (gamsahabnida)

谢谢 jiahui 妹妹 *♥‿★*

Have a happy weekend everyone
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tks a million 

感恩 much ✫*✫.✫¸.*”✫* much

✩☁rainbow after the rain ✩☁

 Recently my precious is not feeling very well
been not good in his digestion..
having fever n complaining stomach pain...

I was so worry about him
i doubt my face show how stress i am

I was quite delight when my baobei draw me this 
when i feel very down n stress during the weekend..^‿^
she brightened up my life with colourful colour
she love drawing n coloring..
today morning i brought her to school and
daddy brought mikkiel to hospital..
I realized i had been sometime never hold hand with her and brought her to school..
we chit chat on the way to school
that made me felt 
i had some neglect of my 2 precious
i'm never enjoy myself
i 'm working very hard
the money is still not enough for everything
always saying or preaching the same things here also feel boring

Having positive thought is very important 
sometime my thought can goes the wrong way
just that
when i sit down myself n cool down n think
worth it to feel this way or that way..

i only really hope & wish my family,relatives & friends can 
be healthy n happy can..
money can earn 
dun have health got how much money also not use
no money also very 惨。。
very contradicting 

when always want to work hard there is always sometime happen
but if everything can go well anything also no problem..

hopefully after this post i will share alot of my happiness
instead of
grumble and full of "haiz"
i want to be happy and enjoy with my family ,relatives & friend
but i nid to work work work

 life is always 喜怒哀乐